About Charles and Kasara

Meet Charles and Kasara Carter, the newest restaurateur power couple in St. Paul. Charles, a Southern gentleman from Mississippi and his wife Kasara, a Rondo native, opened Taste of Rondo in 2020 because the word “no” wasn’t good enough to stop them. No, you can’t run a restaurant with limited experience. No, you shouldn’t open in the middle of a pandemic. No, you won’t get the liquor license you need.

But the Carters have always searched for the ways to bring the positives to life. It’s why they didn’t look at the obstacles to the opening Taste of Rondo as a challenge. They simply saw them all as one big “yes” in the making.

Today, they see their vision being realized with each guest who walks through the door, and every new friend who orders up their famous Cajun Catfish or Aurora Avenue Shrimp and Grits. This restaurant, this community gathering place, is a labor of love and a nod to the neighbors who have long called Rondo home.

So, what is the Taste of Rondo, you might ask. It’s live music on a Friday Night, a Rondo Ave. Punch in hand and some Southern cookin’ in the kitchen.

To that, the Carters say, OH YES. You see, dreams don’t take no for answer.

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Sun 11 AM – 9 PM
Mon 1 PM – 9 PM
Tue – Thu 1 PM – 11 PM
Fri 1 PM – Midnight
Sat 11 AM – Midnight